The Case for Centrol

Centrol has one mission – to give retail traders the tools they need to trade without emotions.

Trading without emotions is as foundational to trading in the financial world as is breathing.

Trading with emotions means you make rash decisions that are rooted in nothing but hype and FOMO. Trading with this lackluster belief means that you’re effectively trading on a whim. Money that you earned can be whipped out in a matter of seconds. It is gambling.

Trading without emotions means that you have based your trading decisions on quantifiable metrics, indicators, and market conditions. This is what real trading is all about.

Up until now, the tools that you had at your disposal were limited to whatever your broker built for you.

This means you’ve likely experienced :

  1. Entering a position and then having to create a separate advanced order where you manually define your stop loss and price target exits (every single time 🤦),
  2. Were limited to using market conditions of the stock itself for trading (meaning, you could not use the price action of FB to inform your trading on TWTR),
  3. Had to contend with using multiple brokers to trade stocks and crypto. This is especially the case with crypto (think KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc),
  4. The excruciating pain of having to build out your algorithmic trading bots by learning to code, integrating with your broker, licensing with market data feed providers and various other data feeds … and purchasing and setting up costly systems and hardware to support it all … (admittedly, this last one is typically not the experience of most users … though to be fair, this is where we were headed until we realized there had to be a better way.)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all that, in one application, and keep your brokers?

We would like to think so 🙃


When building on the idea for Centrol, we considered what the typical trader in 2021 would want – so we did what we thought was the most sensible thing and asked a bunch of retail traders and investors that very question (we asked a wide range of people spanning multiple ranges of demographics).

At the end of the day, we came up with the list of features that users wanted, those include solutions for the above and more!

Advanced Orders, the way it should have been done

Centrol gives you the power to create powerful advanced orders with your choice of dynamic or fixed entry prices, stop losses, and price targets.

Set up your entry, the order type, the number of shares (or use a dollar amount you’d want to invest and if your broker supports fractional shares we’ll process that for you too!), the trading hours in which you’d want to trigger the order, the time in force, and finally the choice of whether you want to set up your exit conditions. By default, we set up your exit with a stop loss of 10% below your entry and a price target at 10% above the entry price.

A single interface across all of your brokers

With Centrol, you can link up your broker accounts to trade against using our application. Your security and safety are paramount to our service. We take pride in our security. The Centrol platform is hosted on the world’s leading infrastructure, adhering to some of the strictest security certifications and privacy laws. We use bank-level data security and SSL encryption. Standard.

Link and trade through Centrol for stocks, options, ETFs, crypto-currencies, and exotic crypto tokens. No more need to find that one app that has that token you’re looking for. Centrol is smart enough to figure out which broker has the security you’re looking for (and when we don’t know, we’ll just let you select it 😉)

![Image of users being able to link up their brokerages](file/path/to/image.png)

No-code algo platform

Centrol is the only mobile-first platform that gives you the power to search and trigger on a whole host of data elements including stock prices, volume, fundamentals, technical indicators, economic conditions, news, social media feeds, and more!

Imagine setting up a rule like:

IF Fed Funds Rate is greater than 0.5, 

Then Buy VXX at Market in my TD Ameritrade --1234 account

![Image of users creating a no-code algo](file/path/to/image.png)

Now imagine that these algos are publicly available and you can see which ones are active and which algos are posting the highest returns and trade alongside it, tweak it and make it private.

We’re only just getting started.

If you want to test the platform, sign up below for our waitlist!

~~ Centrol Team

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