Are you a college student?

Intern with us
Looking for a marketing, business, or finance internship this semester?

Join us and gain valuable first-hand startup experience that you can bring to your job interviews.

The internship will span on a rolling basis with each schooling semester (+ summer internship options available) with the option to extend it into the new year. This program will cover all your internship requirements for school, if you have any such requirements.

We believe in giving tangible experience to the next generation of leaders, so depending on your track, you will:
  1. Business Development: Assist in the creation, management, and tracking of a brand ambassador program
  2. Marketing: Assist in developing a 5-year marketing plan, and execute with the marketing team on our marketing goals
  3. Finance: Assist in developing our financial valuation models and financial statements
  4. Software Engineering: Assist in the product development, tracking features and issues, and lastly, assisting in the testing and quality assurance of the product

If you're interested in any of these internship positions, email us at including:
  1. The position you're interested in applying for and which semester (e.g. "Internship: Finance, Spring 2022")
  2. Your latest resume or school transcript (if you do not have a resume / working history)
  3. A cover letter explaining one thing you hope to learn in your internship position with us.
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About Centrol

Centrol is building the future of trading.
We believe that by equipping people with the best tools to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world's problems better, together.

We're always looking for talented people who are interested in building the future alongside us.


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